Succession Begins Final Season With A Bang

By Anthony Micciola

The final season of HBO’s Succession did not disappoint. Holy Fuck!

We open with Shiv, Ken and Roman discussing their new business venture, “The Hundred” and we learn that at this point the sale of Waystar is 48 hours away.

Meanwhile Season 4 opens the same way that season 1 started, with Logan’s birthday. Greg egg opens the scene at Logan’s home and has a guest who Cary, Logan’s new right hand, plays 21 questions with Greg about and questions who this new girl is and of course Greg knew nothing.

Tom calls Shiv and we learn that they are separated, presumably after Tom double crossed her to Logan at the end of season 3. Tom and Chiv are contentious and it leads to Tom arriving at Logan’s party. Feeling a bit worried about his place, Tom, in the most awkward way possible asks Logan if he and Shiv were to split would they be good. Logan responds, “If we’re good, we’re good”, not exactly what he was hoping to hear.

Meanwhile Shiv, Ken and Roman find out that Logan is looking to buy his old rival, Pierce and her media company. Pondering the future of their new company, they wonder if the better move is to undercut their father and swoop in with the purchase for themselves, so a meeting is set for the three of them to meet Pierce.

Logan bails from the party and walks through a park before heading to a diner with Colin, who Logan confides is his best pal, woof. Back at the party Greg tells Tom that he scored with his date, Tom then tells Greg that Logan has cameras everywhere and he reviews them every night and may have inadvertedly made Logan a sex tape and he should tell Logan. Tom asks again what happen and he tells Tom they just put their hands down each others pants.

Connor makes an appearance and is days away from his own election, where his goal is to get 1 percent of the votes to stay relevant and needs to spend another 100 million dollars to do this, Willa asks if he’ll still be rich, Connor responds, “Yeah, just 100 million dollars less”.

The kids show up at Pierces home and the bidding war ensues as Logan also knows they are trying to swoop in. Ultimately the kids offer 10 billion and that seals the deal. Logan makes Tom call Shiv and tells the kids in no such pleasant way, he concedes.

We end the episode with Shiv returning home, only to find Tom there and with some back and forth, Shiv tells Tom she wants a divorce. The episode closes with Tom holding Shiv’s hand while they lay half on the bed together.

So much happen but at the end of the day, this just despicable family kept doing what they do best, fucking one another over. I think Logan only conceded the Pierce sale because he wants his kids to have something when Waystar is sold. It’s not surprising Tom and Shiv are divorcing, since the moment their marriage started it was doomed, though I never thought Shiv would be the one to call it off.

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