Antonio Brown Tells His Side, Things Are Getting Interesting!

So the Antonio Brown saga takes another turn, days after storming off the field in yet would appear another tirade, AB comes out and gives his side of the story and its a doozy. Just an FYI, based on the text messages that we have seen from AB in the past I am 100 percent convinced he did not write this himself and was transcribed through someone else. But…..

I gotta be honest and say I kinda believe AB in this scenario, hand up as I gotta say that I truly believed this was another outburst from AB but this sounds legit. Of course it is totally his side of the story and has not been confirmed. The one point I will give him is that he was right, they did not cut him from the team, even as late as Monday night when ESPN on MNF had reported that AB was not on the Bucs transaction log for the day or even Sunday when this had happen. I am all but positive that this is not the end of the AB/Bucs saga so stay tuned and buckle up for some fun.

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