MLB Lockout Means Doom For Yanks

The MLB lockout is fully underway and that means everything baseball is put on hold until the players and owners can get their shit together and agree on a deal. Namely free agency, which had been at a fever pitch leading up to the lockout is also halted.

The Yankees were linked to Carlos Correa(FML), Trevor Story and Freddy Freeman. The Yanks will not have the luxury of waiting players out when this lockout ends, which I fully expect to last at least through this month, possibly through January. They will have to move fast and actually spend some god damn money. But who do they sign? That is a great question, the sexy answer would be Carlos Correa and Freddy Freeman but Correa is a piece of shit that the fans will NEVER get behind and Freeman will never leave Atlanta. Here’s who the Yanks should look at….

Trevor Story

Trevor Story isn’t going to win any batting titles but he will bring maximum effort along with a bat that hits homers and doubles and upgrades the Short Stop position defensively ten fold.

Carlos Rodon

The free agent market for starters has been ridiculous but the Yanks need an established starting pitcher to go into the next season. You have Cole, Montgomery and likely Nestor Cortes in the rotation but after that there are question marks. How much do you want to push Sevy coming back from Tommy John, German had shoulder issues last season and Kluber, thankfully is gone. A guy like Rodon, who has ace type stuff could finally be the guy the Yanks need to put this rotation over.

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