Jets Back To A Dumpster Fire

The Jets are what we thought they were, a dumpster fire! For the first time in history(probably not), the Jets scored four touchdowns in consecutive games. Zach Wilson out, no big deal we got Mike White. Mike White ties the game and then leaves the game with a forearm injury, no big deal we got Josh Johnson. But you know what we don’t got? DEFENSE, MOTHERFUCKING DEFENSE!!

I don’t care what team you are, you aren’t winning shit if you give up 45 points, the Jets D made Carson Wentz look like Tom Brady, Jonathan Taylor was Gale Sayers out there! Everybody focused on the offense this past offseason but the defense will need some wholesale changes. The D line was nearly non existent, the linebackers were constantly chasing the RB’s because the line collapsed. To add insult to injury, our best defensive secondary player, Marcus Maye is likely out for the season.

It’s time to start tanking again and looking to next year, at four games under .500 it doesn’t look like the playoffs are happening again in 2021.

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