Reasons Why Aaron Boone Should NOT Return As Yankee Manager

Lack of Production

In his four years as manager of the Yankees, Boone has never reached the World Series and only made the ALCS once! Joe Girardi, who many felt needed to be replaced because of his lack of postseason production was replaced by Boone for this very reason. The faithful will say that Boone owns a .601 winning percentage in the regular season and in the three full seasons has averaged ninety eight wins. The problem is, any Yankee fan will tell you, the real season begins in October and by and far, Boone has failed epically on that front.

Lack of Progression of Young Talent

Boone inherited one of the youngest rosters in the league with talented young players, most of whom four years later have regressed and not progressed. Aaron Judge has been steady, hits for average, power hitter with elite defensive capabilities. But then you look at Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez and both have seen their defensive skills diminish as well as their hitting ability. Only a move from Shortstop to Second Base looks like Gleyber might finally be regaining his defensive form but their hitting has been well below what they are capable of.

The Yankees need a leader, not a peer

More than anything that irks me as I’m sure other Yankee fans is the Laissez-faire mentality. This team doesn’t need a manager who’s going to sugarcoat their failures but to teach them to get better, it’s ok to be hard on people sometimes. I don’t know what goes on in that locker room or what is said but I can see the results and the language of the players, they are being comforted more than taught.

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