Yankees End The Season In The Only Way The Know, Disappointment!

The Yankees had every opportunity to change the narrative of their season coming into the Wildcard game against Boston. Every struggle, inconsistency and disappointment that occurred could’ve been easily wiped away with a good postseason run. The problem is, these guys are consistently inconsistent and to expect anything less is foolish.


It was a complete breakdown, Cole giving up a two run bomb to Bogaerts in the first inning and lasting only two innings, this is not the type of game we paid him for.


Finally when it looked like we might be creeping back after a Rizzo homer, Judge legs out a single and Stanton hits another bomb off the monster and for some reason Phil Nevins decided to send Judge at home which sucked all the life out of whatever rally was brewing.

From there it was a spiral down, Yankees lose 6-2 and bounced from the playoffs. This team will need some wholesale changes in the off-season and will need to make some tough player decisions but one decision should be clear, Aaron Boone needs to be fired as manager. His contract expired at the end of the game and he should NOT be given a new contract, his mismanagement of this team is the reason we played in Fenway and not Yankee Stadium for the wild card. If you flip even one of his botched games from a loss to a win, last nights game could’ve been different!

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