Yanks Perform Finishing Move On Jays

✅ Take Series against the Jays

✅ Crush the hopes of all Canadien baseball fans

✅ Kick the Jays dicks in, putting them on the brink of elimination


Yanks are potentially ONE win and help away from clinching the fucking playoffs, which most people at various points of the season (including me) didn’t think was possible. Aaron Judge is playing like a guy that wants that fucking C on his jersey, it might finally be time to make him captain. Not one but two gigantic homers in the final game against the Jays and he is on the brink of 40 homers as he has 39 now.


Last series of the year starts tonight at the stadium against the Rays who’ve already clinched the East and home field advantage, in theory they should be resting guys but I know Kevin Cash lives to fuck with the Yankees so stay tuned to see what happens.

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