Yankees Are A Dumpster Fire Again

We thought for awhile that we were finally out of the woods with the Yankees playing like absolute dog shit, not being able to hit and finding new ways to lose, we were wrong.


On the day that “The Captain”, Derek Jeter was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame, with the Yankees looking on from the big screen in the stadium to see greatness profess his love for the blue and white, it still wasn’t enough to inspire this team to win.


The Yankees have lost nine of their last eleven games, have fallen out of the top wild card spot and are the verge of dropping out of the wild card altogether. This team has lost whatever mojo it had during its winning streak and the manager doesn’t seem to be pushing the right buttons. This team needs a spark, perhaps bring up Greg Allen or Estavan Florial to ignite this team and get them out of this funk.

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