Yankees Are NOT Making The Playoffs

Despite winning nine of the last thirteen games, the Yankees are still eight games out of first place. We are not making the playoffs, I know there are a ton of delusional fans out there that will be angry by this comment but let’s face facts.


This man is a clown, unless the organization is telling him to go out there and say this ridiculous shit, he’s a clown. Any buffoon can go out and set a lineup card, the real managing begins the second the game starts and IN GAME decisions need to be made. For example, removing a pitcher who had just thrown three wild pitches. Then when you finally get your first out, with the other teams winning run on third, what do you do? Most people would walk the next batter to setup a double play situation to possibly get out of the inning. Booney decided to just let erratic Kriske in the bottom of the tenth inning, pitch to the next batter with one out and the winning run on third. The result? Well, I invite you to re read Boones comments above, it went that well.


There are trade rumors that the Yankees are in on Gallo, Marte and Story. Unless they get two of those guys, this season cannot be saved, this is the worst I can ever remember the Yankees being, this late in the season. I thought Girardi was a horrible manager but Boone is by far the worst manager we have had in the last thirty years.

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