@Yankees Dumpster Fire Tour Continues

Don’t get me wrong, four out of six in the road trip is pretty good, but it’s only pretty good if you are second place and a few games out of first, not if you’re fourth and eight games out! Gerrit Cole sent a message to the league on Saturday that he is the man and the Yankees who had won four of five going into Sunday, we’re on their way back.


Then Sunday comes around and the Yankees are dealing, hitting is pretty good and Tallion was pitching pretty good until Boone sunk his teeth into the game. For some reason, despite the entire bullpen being rested from not pitching Saturday, he brings in Domingo German. German has clearly gone through a rough stretch so I’m not sure why you bring him in, in that situation but he proceeded to give up two runs in two innings. Next up, with the score seven to four, you would think would be your closer, but NO, we bring in Chad Green, who in only a third of an innings amount of work gave up four runs, including the walkoff to that scumbag Altuve.


The dumpster fire tour rages on, Boone should be fired for all the amateur moves he makes on this team. Cashman should be replaced if this roster isn’t at the very least tweaked. All Star week is this week, Thursday starts a four game set against the Red Sox lol.

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