The Yankees Are Officially A Dumpster Fire, Time To Fire Boone

The Yankees were swept by the Red Sox this weekend, swept for the second time this season against the Sox and it wasn’t close. This team is failing at every fucking aspect of the game, the hitting is horrendous and the pitching has been mediocre, specifically starting pitching.

This team is now back in dumpster fire mode, back in fourth place and time is not on this teams side.

This team is not responding to anything the coaching staff is doing, these guys are playing like absolute shit and they continue to be in the lineup. With the exception of a few guys, I would make wholesale changes. I would keep Aaron Judge, DJ Lemahieu and Gio Urshela. Every other position player would be on the trading block.

But no trades are imminent and at this point I would see what free agents are available. This team has become some of the stingiest when it comes to money but if this team, this ownership is committed to winning, they will spend some god damn money.

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