Yankees Are Playing Like Crap, Fire Boone

There’s about thirty to forty percent of the season gone and the Yankees look like a team drowning rapidly. After a sweep to the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, this team looks lost.


Aaron Boone has shown this season that he cannot get this team to play at a level any Yankee fan is accustomed to.


Even after this horrible, dog shit, stupid fucking strike call, Boone couldn’t bring himself to charge the fucking plate and tell Gabe Morales what a dumb fuck he is. I’m getting fucking sick of hearing about how much talent this team has and how things are going to turn around, because it’s not! Drastic changes need to be made, we need a true outfielder, another bullpen arm and a starting pitcher. We can keep putting Gardy out there, unfortunately, his better days are behind him, Frazier and Andujar are wildly consistent. As much as the hitting is a focus, the bullpen minus Chapman, Green and Loaisiga are unpredictable, another arm would be good. We need a starting pitcher, though I’m willing to wait to see what happens with Sevy but not much further than that.

This team is playing like shit and things need to change, as of right now, I don’t see this team making the playoffs, currently sitting fourth in the division, only because Baltimore is just light years worse than us, but it’s going to be difficult to leap frog Toronto, Boston and Tampa with this team right now.

Let’s make some god damn moves and get better and realistic about this team!


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