MLB Has A BIG Problem

Corey Kluber threw the SIXTH No Hitter of the 2021 MLB season, the last time there were this man was in 2015 when from June 2015 forward there were six no hitters scattered throughout the rest of the season. Through the first two months of the season we have SIX no no’s, that is no no good for MLB.

This article had come out in February about MLB’s plan to deaden baseballs. So far it has backfired, the MLB average for hitters is at an all time low through the first two months and pitchers are dominating throughout the league. There are a couple reasons hitting us done, of course the deadening of the balls is a key culprit but the other tidbit is players are so drawn to launch angle that it’s becoming a boom or bust league with the long ball.

It’s fun to watch a ball get launched into the fucking night but you know what isn’t fun? Watching a guy strikeout, groundout or fly out 8-9 times before that hit. If the emphasis wasn’t on launch angle or exit velocity of hits, maybe we can get a few more .300 hitters. There’s nothing wrong with averaging .300 during a season, it probably means more RBI’s, which in the grand scheme of things will increase scoring.

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