Tom Brady Is The GOAT And It’s Not Even Close!

Tom Brady is the GOAT and there’s not a thing you can say to change my mind. As a Jets fan, Tom Brady has been the bane of my NFL life for the last twenty or so years, BUT I realized that as much as he made my life miserable, he was the GOAT.

The timeless debate, who is better, Brady or Belichick. The Patriots, after years of asking their franchise QB to take a pay cut to make their team competitive, year in and out, decided to let Brady leave because he finally wanted to cash out.

You can say Brady was appreciative of the Patriots, and he should, but Brady played like a man who wanted to show his old team they fucked up, the Patriots FUCKED UP.

It took Tom Brady the following season after being tossed from New England to stick it to the Patriots. As much as I can recognize Bill Belichick as a great coach, Tom didn’t need Bill but Bill ABSOLUTELY needed Tom.

To all the Patriots fans who still think that Tom Brady is one of them, tell that to the Bucs fans who watched Tom Brady celebrate his seventh title, with just as much joy as any of those prior six with the Patriots.

Records aside, you can’t ask any more of a player than to get you a championship. Tom Brady has played in the Super Bowl almost half of the time he’s been in the league, HALF! Crazy thing is, he didn’t play much his first year and he missed a year because of an injury to his leg, so ten Super Bowls in virtually eighteen years.

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