Jets Finish 2-14, Rid Them Of Adam Gase

It’s been a very turbulent season and although the wins weren’t coming, the Jets kept us watching as the tank was on.

In the end, the Jets did what they always do, crush the dreams and hopes of their fans, they lost the number one pick and finished with the second pick and then started the off season right.

Adam Gase is finally fucking dunzo!

Gase was probably the worst coach hiring in the last twenty years for the Jets. It was obvious early on that his reign as head coach was not going to lead to anything fruitful.

What’s next, well the reports are coming in hot and heavy.

I’d rather keep the number two pick but if it means trading the number two pick and Darnold to get the number one pick and Trevor Lawrence, I’m officially behind that. The only trade scenario I don’t endorse is if we trade Darnold and number two and draft a QB past the top two QB’s on the board.

Buckle up Jets fans, it’s going to be a long and interesting off season, 4th and Jets will have its season recap this week and any news we will be there for it.

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