Jets Went Into The Final Minutes With A Lead And Ended With A Loss When The Clock Hit Zero, Tank Still On

The Jets looked like a team that was fighting for a playoff spot for most of the game, they even took a lead on the last moments of the game. Until Gregg Williams with a four point lead decided to send the house at mid field on a fourth down instead of playing prevent defense. When you are pissed at your head coach and you read the papers like everyone else and realize, your time with this team is nearly over, you bring the house and play man defense, the result….

The Jets are now 0-12 and you can say what you want about how this season has gone but we should all be on the same page on what needs to be done. We need to tank for our King, Trevor Lawrence. A win will not help this team, four more losses will help.

As a Jets fan, I am so fucking on board for this 0-16 and have for awhile, next week we got the Seahawks, coming off a loss to the Giants.

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