MLB Free Agency Rant From A Yankee Fan

Technically, right now the Yankees don’t have a manager and I think that alone should spark a conversation. After the Yanks were eliminated, Cashman and Boone had a press conference, laying out expectations for next year and the impending off season. We were all but assured Aaron Boone would return as manager. YET, as of November 17, Boone is not resigned. As the Yankees, the mother fucking Death Star, we need to go out and steal this man….

Bring back Donny baseball, who btw is a good god damn manager, yes he has one year left on his contract but let’s find a way to get this done.

Now to the players portion of the show….

Yes, I know, the Mets are going to overspend and with the money Steve Cohen has, they want every player. I don’t see the Mets adding another pitcher to their deep rotation, there is a team in NY that has money to spend on starting pitching and it’s the Yankees.

It’s well documented how much, just like the rest of us how much Bauer hates the Astros and Gerrit Cole was a member of the Astros but bringing in a god damn Cy Young, especially with Bauer’s personality, would instantly make him a fan favorite. This must be considered a must sign from a dominance point of view and all depends on how much the Steinbrenner’s are willing to spend this off season.

In reality, nothing matters unless we re-sign Le Machine, he’s been our leader for the last two years and our best player on a roster full of players with MVP type talent. FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD, SIGN THIS MAN. I’ve never believed any player is worth upwards of 20 million but DJ may be the the only one, you get offense and defense at an MVP level, year in and out.

These are the top two moves, I would also move to bring in some fresh relievers, maybe trade for a Josh Hader and bring back Tommy Kahnle but we need another top flight starter and DJ is a must.

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