Dodgers Curbstomp The Rays To Win World Series Plus Bonus Shit Show Post Game 6

First and foremost, the Dodgers beat those cocky fucks, the Rays to win the World Series, thank you LA!

As a Yankee fan, I’m glad the Rays lost the series and in the end, everyone was trying to out think the Rays and the Rays lost because the Rays out thunk themselves taking Snell out after he was dealing in game 6.

Once the game was over, the real drama ensued. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner had test positive for COVID 19 and had to leave the game, only to rejoin his team once they won the game.

Oh and the cherry on top of the cake was the fact Commissioner Rob Manfred was either drunk as fuck or having a stroke when he presented the MVP award to Cory Seager.

Enjoy the win Dodgers, Yanks are coming for that title!

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