Jets Go 0-7, Tank Is ON!

The Jets lost to the Bills 18-10, despite holding a ten point lead through the 2nd Quarter, by far their biggest lead of the season. There were also reports that Adam Gase relinquished the play calling duties, all signs the Jets were NOT tanking.


I, like most were probably scratching their god damn heads, wondering where this fight in the Jets was coming from, watching the number 1 pick in the draft slip from our hands. Turns out it was just the Bills started off slow, after going down 10-0 to the Jets, they scored the last 18 points of the game and clamped down defensively against the Jets.

With the Jets moving to 0-7, facing the Chiefs next week should move us to 0-8 with a key matchup against the Patriots, I say key because the Patriots are playing as bad as we are right now!

I wouldn’t put it past Belicheck to lose on purpose to fuck the Jets out of the top spot, something to watch next week while Mahomes is dropping bombs on us.

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