Yanks Wave Flag On Game 3, Do Or Die From Here On Out

The Yankees have chosen the wrong time to show their Jekyll and Hyde ways of playing. For the first three games of the playoffs, this team looked UNSTOPPABLE. The last two games have brought embarrassment and unwillingness to fight.


The plan for game 2 and 3 has now officially failed. Tonight for game 4, we have Jordan Montgomery v. The Rays bullpen. In theory we should have the advantage but Montgomery must go at least 5 innings giving up 0-1 runs, an near impossible task but we need to FUCKING get going. I’m sick of losing to this second rate, cocky bastards.


Game 4 is tonight at 7:10pm on TBS(The Bull Shit)

FYI, fuck the Rays, fuck Aaron Boone and the analytic department, players let’s play and let’s do this for NY!!

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