Game 2 Strategy Blows Up On Yanks, Game 3 Is A Must Win

I’m not quite sure what the Yankees plan was going into game 2, but it fucking failed.

Exciting starting the youngest pitcher in Yankee history, right, RIGHT, RIGGGGGGHT!


Why after one inning do you then bring in JA Happ, you used our 3 and 5 starting pitcher to go against the Rays number 2. The plan failed and the Yankees were playing from behind the entire game.

Let’s just address the other two elephants in the room, Gary Sanchez and umpire CB Buckner.

Gary Sanchez, is the WORST player on this team by a country mile. You can’t go 0-4 and come up in two situations and do nothing, to an extent you can also blame him for the pitching staff, by and far when he’s behind the plate, the Yankees give up a ton of runs! Game 2 against the Indians, 8 runs and now game 2 against the Rays, 7 runs. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP KYLE OUT THERE!

CB Buckner, look he may legitimately be blind, I don’t know enough of the man to say one way or the other but on the other hand, when a ball is thrown a good 6 inches off the plate both high and away and you call a strike, you just may be FUCKING BLIND, no disrespect to blind people but HE’S FUCKING BLIND!!

Game three, tonight at 7pm, Tanaka v. Morton in a must win.

Just an FYI, fuck the Rays, CB Buckner and the TBS announce staff, Ron Darling is a scumbag just like the Rays.

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