Yanks Advance To ALDS In An Absolute Thriller

What a god damn game!

After MLB botched two rain delays the Yanks and Indians were in for a night.


Yanks went down early, losing 4-0 until Stanton hit a solo homer…


Which set the stage for Gio to come up with bases loaded to drop the mother fucking hammer down


After the Indians tied the game at 6, Gary Sanchez decided to come to the party after being absent the WHOLE fucking year!


The Yanks would eventually lose the lead, going down 9-8 heading into the top of the 9th. We were able to tie the game bases loaded with Gary hitting a sac fly.

Then, the MVP of the AL steps up and the rest is history…



Ball game over

Series Over

Theeeee Yankees Winnn

Let’s go fry us some Rays shall we

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