Jets Lose Again, Season Confirmed To Be A Dumpster Fire

If you were like me and watched the Jets/Niners game I applaud you for looking into the belly of a dumpster fire.

An 80 yard rushing TD by the Niners was all the omen you needed to see how this game would go.

By halftime a hobbling, one legged Jimmy G would be all the Niners needed to end the game, the Niners took a 21-3 lead going into half and never looked back, locking up the win 31-13.

This team is lacking playmakers on offense and defense, you can have all the Darnold debates you want but he has nobody around him to make plays. Even when Le’Veon Bell is in there, not much happens. The Jets need to pull the trigger on a WR, maybe not necessarily this year but either in free agency or the draft.

The other problem, which I believe most Jets fan would agree might be the bigger problem is, Adam Gase. Gase at best is a train wreck a d the Johnson family publicly giving him a vote of confidence was silly, if the Jets go 0-9, strong possibility btw, he will be gone.

Buckle up Jets fans, it’s going to be a long god damn year.

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