Jets Open Season As Usual, With A L

Like so many years since I’ve been watching the Jets, they start the season with a loss.

The Jets looked very anemic from the start, Darnold opened 1-4 passing and the Jets defense looked overmatched against this Bills defense.

The Jets allowed Josh Allen to have a career day in the air, the only blemish in the game was, the Jets were able to get Allen commit two fumbles but no picks.

This team is a god damn disaster, we drafted an offensive lineman and it was telling the lack of talent on the receiver end as the only bright spot was Crowder, wiggling his way down the field for a 69 yard TD. The Jets lost Le’Veon Bell to a hamstring injury and basically didn’t play the second half. I don’t see how things get better from here, we got the Niners next, also coming off a loss, so expect the Niners to clamp down the defensive chains in week 2.

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