Yanks Lose Opener To Jays And Booney Needs To Be Fired

The Yankees lost the opener to the one team in the last twenty games they needed to beat, the Jays. We play them nine more times in the next nineteen games, I truly believe the fate of Aaron Boone rests in these next nineteen games.


Chad Green didn’t have it and Adam Ottovino didn’t have it, what’s worse is the fact Booney left a struggling Ottovino in the game when he had every weapon at his disposal, instead Ottovino gave up a grand slam homer and capped off a TEN run sixth inning for the Jays.


You can blame no one but the manager when big innings happen, you can cry injuries all you want but the bullpen has been mostly intact this year and the manager has pulled the wrong strings. When you score six runs through six innings you are expected to win, especially with the kind of weapons in the bullpen that the Yankees have. You gotta get rid of Booney and new pitching coach Matt Blake, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that with a new pitching coach, the bullpen has struggled.

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