Joe Kelly Reminds Us Not All Heroes Wear Capes

We aren’t going to see the Yanks play the Astros this year, unless they meet in the playoffs, so any “justice” is going to come from the Dodgers. Joe Kelly reminded us in last nights game that not all heroes wear capes.

First he missed against Alex Bregman…

This dude yawned and throwing 96 to Bergman’s head, as if to tell the Astros he was not pleased by them not taking that ball to the dome!

Then he missed against Carlos Correa before eventually striking his ass out.

The benches cleared and the only problem was we didn’t get a full on brawl because of this stupid, god damn Covid. Otherwise you gotta bet you’re last red penny that these teams would’ve tussled.

Joe Kelly, former Red Sox player, no stranger to starting fights, almost instantaneously became a national hero.

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