Washington R Words No Longer R Words

R Words No More!

The Washington R words are R words no more. Owner Dan Snyder, who I never thought in a million years would ever change the team name will be changing the name.

This team has been known as the Redskins since 1932, that’s 88 years of nobody not caring what they were called.

Look, does the name offend people, I’m sure it does, we live in a time where everybody is offended by something, but is that enough to change a team name that has been around for 88 years.

The answer is NO, the real reason the R words are changing their name is because of money. The almighty buck once again is king. The minority owners, led by FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith doesn’t want the bad press in his struggling company and has threatened along with other minority owners to sell 40 percent of the team ownership.

Dan Snyder in an effort to keep more of the money in his pocket will be changing the team name.

The Indians are next and for the time being the Atlanta Braves will NOT be changing their names.

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