WTF Is Wrong With Giancarlo Stanton!!

Brace yourself and buckle in for another god damn year of Giancarlo Stanton trying to figure out how to get paid while injured.

The good ole GM of the Yanks, none other than Brian Cashman gave an update on some of the key Yankees who were injured entering this season.

What in the actual fuck is going on here!! This guy has been perpetually injured since early March, how is that even possible. Seriously, shooting to be the DH, this is the highest paid player on the team, former NL MVP and he’s literally only played one full season.

I think we have to have an honest conversation and admit that this has turned out to be a disaster. Try to trade this guy for some value and take some of his dead salary off the books, Stanton is looking more and more like Ellsbury as we go.

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