No Sports! I’m Not Doing So Good

I’m not impervious to what’s going on in the world, yes this is a serious virus and people are hurting but I think we can all agree we need distraction. My favorite distraction on the planet was sports and I’m not doing so good!

We should be starting the NHL playoffs and I should be doing my rants after each Islanders game like I usually do!

We should be talking about how the NBA is winding down and how sick the playoffs will be.

Above all, we should be watching my daily rants about the Yankees and how they are destined to get another title but we don’t have anything.

Also I will be kicking off my weekly new podcast, “No Sports, This Sucks”, I’ll be ranting about the games we’ve missed for the week and give a weekly wellness check without sports.

FYI this fucking sucks!

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