MLB Opening Day…..This Makes Me Sad

Today was the day we were supposed to finally have real baseball. Today was supposed to be the day that everyone’s favorite team, including my New York Yankees, began their quest for a championship. It makes me sad to think that opening day is likely another 7-8 weeks, AT LEAST away from happening.

When I saw this tweet from Ken Rosenthal, I literally almost cried!

I need baseball in my life, even if it’s for a portion of the season, I just need it. It signifies a great time in sports, MLB opening day means that the NHL playoffs is here, the NBA is ramping up for their playoff seedings and the NFL draft is basically upon us.

There is no opening day, no NHL, no NBA and this point I’m not sure anybody actually knows if the NFL draft will go on as planned.

MLB, I need you, come back to me, find a way!

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