Yankee Injury Update


Nothing new about Aaron Judge as of now, the plan was to rest him for 2 weeks and see if there is any progress on the fracture in his rib, do at a minimum we won’t see any meaningful news until at least next week!


There has been no news whatsoever about Stanton aka Mr. Glass, if I were a betting man and I am, bet that Stanton will not be ready for opening day!


A little bit of a mixed bag with James Paxton, he is expected to start throwing within the next week or so but the bad news is, he is still about a month or so away from pitching in a meaningful game.

There’s something going on with this team where every year, our top guys are always injured. Not mentioned above was Gary Sanchez who was held out of a game Sunday due to a back injury and the Yanks saying its only minor, BUT they then announced Monday he would be held out until Friday as a precaution. WTF!!

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