Tom Brady On The Move, Ive Heard This Before, I Call BS!

There are reports circulating that Tom Brady is preparing himself as though he will not be returning to the New England Patriots.

I’ve seen this and heard this all before, even if the thought of my god damn nemesis leaving the most hated franchise in my soul, who has tormented me for the last 20 years were to leave, I’m still calling bullshit!

Just think of the optics, how could the Patriots justify not resigning the best player in the history of their franchise and arguably the best QB in NFL history. It’s just not going to happen.

Besides the fact that the optics would be bad, they have no succession plan at QB, their next man up is Jarrett Stidham, you heard of this guy? Don’t worry, literally nobody has either!

A power move would be to trade up in the draft but I can’t imagine the Patriots doing such a move, they would have to substitute one of their defensive stars for a young unproven rookie QB. Before it’s even thought of, NO, I don’t think the Bengals would be dumb enough to trade their number 1 pick!

At the end of the day, there will be a lot of talk and reports but Tom Brady will continue to torture my sports soul in that goddamn hell hole they call New England.

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