An Open Letter To The Board At Arsenal FC

Arsenal lost a big Europa game to Olympiakos.

Arsenal lost a big game, they needed

Arsenal lost a game they should’ve won

As an Arsenal fan of the last 20 years, seeing what greatness could be with the invincibles season and getting to Champions League finals, I know how amazing it feels to be a top team in Europe

What I’ve come accustomed to the last 5 years is mediocrity!

What I’ve come accustomed to is our owner, Stan Kroenke who has more money than god, recklessly spend money on band aids. Let me explain, this team doesn’t have any clear direction, it has no leader. After an historic run with Arsene Wenger, we brought in an unproven coach in Unai Emery. Emery brought in overpriced players that had no rhyme or reason with any philosophical plan Emery had, if any!

Mikel Arteta was brought in, former player, student of Pepe Guardiola and the hope was he could come in and plug up the beach size holes left by the previous two managers. The problem is, while there is talent on the team, there’s no chemistry or sense of purpose to the way they play.

We are going to lose Aubamayeng to Barca, we will probably see Lacazzette out as well and promising youngster Bukayo Saka will see his way to a team that will profit from his talent.

This team will not be better any time soon, they are out of the Europa league, they currently sit at 9th place and 7 points out of the Champions league qualification and 4 out of the Europa league qualification. If this team misses both, a big possibility btw, it will be at least two years until they play meaningful cup play. There is not a single player with top talent that will consider coming to Arsenal if that happens. Which means it will be at least three years before this team is in contention for anything.

Josh/Stan Kroenke, do better!

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