Yankees Are Hit By Injury Bug, Again!!

This has not been a good week for injury news for the Yanks. First we got the bad news that Luis Severino would miss the entire season with Tommy John surgery, then yesterday the Yanks announced Giancarlo Stanton had a Grade 1 calf strain.


Losing Sevy for basically another year is rough and he was expected to have a bounce back year and slot in as the number 2 behind Cole but another year we will have to wait to see that duo


However when it comes to Giancarlo Stanton, I’m beginning to think this guy is made of glass. How many injuries can one human being have in a span of a year. Where were these injuries in Florida!

Why is he always hurt, how did the Yankee staff not address his fitness this off season!!


I hate to say it but I think this is all Adriana Lima’s fault. Stanton probably pulled something lifting her up and down, not a good start Giancarlo!

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