Commissioner Manfred Needs To Step Up!

The names are starting to build, no not the names that cheated on the Astros team but the names calling for commissioner Manfred to move for further action.

Commissioner Manfred had a press conference and was asked if the Astros used their cheating methods in the 2017 postseason….

The presumptive Yankee captain, Aaron Judge spoke out today and needless to say, he was pissed!

It’s ridiculous how these players were granted immunity, so long as they cooperated with the investigation into their OWN cheating. Something is wrong here, I believe the initial punishment hit and everybody was somewhat satisfied, until the Astro players showed no remorse and their owner just contradicting himself on every turn.

Commissioner Rob Manfred must take action against these scumbags, Altuve and Bregman being the main conspirators.

Do the right thing Rob!

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