MLB Plans On Overhauling The Playoffs, 7 Teams Each Side And Pick Your Opponent, WTF!!

Ok the bye for the top seeds isn’t too radical and even the NFL, arguably the country’s most popular sport has adopted this. But where things get fuzzy is the ability for the top seeds to pick from the pool of remaining teams after the initial round of games in the playoffs.

My other gripe is that seven teams would make it, one of the things that makes the MLB so cool is that it’s possibly the hardest to make!

When MLB made a second wild card team and then those teams would play for a chance at the division series, I was all for it. How many times has a team missed out by a half game or game, that made it better for the sport because teams were playing hard down the stretch.

Now adding three more teams to the mix and those three teams might be barely .500 teams is not something anybody is exactly jumping up and down for!

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