The God Damn Jets Gift Another Win To A Winless Team, The Dumpster Returns!

Cleveland doesn’t pick up a win for over a year, no problem, beat the god damn Jets!

Dolphins look like a dumpster fire team this year, no problem beat the god damn Jets!

Cincy starts the year 0-11 and looks like a win may never happen, no problem, they beat the GOD DAMN JETS!

By watching this game you would think the Jets came in as the winless team. There were no plays or playmakers on either side of the ball, Sam Darnold did not play like the 30 plus point QB he has been the last few weeks, truth is he played like absolute dog shit!

Actually towards the end of the game it looked like Darnold hurt his foot and was seen limping. This is what he needs, a nice little two week injury and then come back and show promise for next year, that ladies and gentlemen is the god damn Jets way!

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