Jets Season Turning Into A Dumpster ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Here we are once again into another NFL season and some things just don’t change, the Patriots are mowing down teams left and right, the Bears have kicker problems and the Jets, well the Jets are turning into a dumpster fire!

Between Sammy D starting with mono and then coming back to a seemingly season changing win against the Cowboys, the Jets were on their way.

Until fucking reality started to set in and we played the Patriots on MNF and getting our dicks kicked in on prime time television and our QB seeing fucking ghosts!

How do we follow that up? With a shitty game against the Jags. The closest the Jets came to hope was in the first quarter when Sammy D threw a strike for a TD in the first quarter since 2017. From there, the ghosts reappeared and our season is turning into a ghost, a once alive and now dead fucking team that haunts the NFL.

The Jets by and far have a somewhat easier second half schedule but this team can’t win, especially with the effort they put together yesterday.

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