NFL Week 6 Rundown: A Week Of Very Good Matchups

Week 6 of the NFL season is upon us and so far there have been some surprises within some divisions and there have been some really bad teams, Dolphins and Cincy! For other teams, unless they pick up a win this week it’s over for them, yes I’m talking to you Denver, Pittsburgh and Arizona! Btw I went 9-5 last week, definite room for improvement!

Our weekly NFL Rundown Podcast will be available Friday, we will give you in depth looks of all games and complete betting advice.

Bottom Line: There’s no way Brady loses this one but the drama line for the a Giants to pull off an upset is very high.

Betting Line: Take the Giants spread and the over but the Patriots win this one.

Bottom Line: Sam Darnold is back and the chances the Jets win this are not great, especially with the Boys coming off two straight loses.

Betting Line: Take the Cowboys spread and the under.

Bottom Line: Very close game, the Bucs and their seemingly high powered offense against the Panthers and their high powered offense. I give the slight edge to the Panthers because they have a defense that plays too!

Betting Line: Take the Panthers spread and the over,

Bottom Line: The Seahawks are primed for this win, coming off a big division win against the Rams and the Browns looking lost against the 49ers.

Betting Line: I have no clue why this spread is so close, the Browns are garbage and haven’t showed me any reason to win this game. Take the Seahawks spread and the under.

Bottom Line: Chiefs coming off a big tune upset from the Colts will look to get back on track against Hopkins and Co. The Chiefs couldn’t lose two in a row, could they?

Betting Line: Take Chiefs spread and the over

Bottom Line: This is the absolute worst game of the week, possibly season. This will likely settle who will get the 1st pick in next years draft.

Betting Line: You gotta go Skins and the spread and the way under, Dolphins suck that bad!

Bottom Line: On paper this is the matchup of the week and it likely will become a defensive game. The Eagles are not playing a weak Jets QB this week, so don’t look for a monster number of sacks or hurries in Kirk Cousins.

Betting Line: Take the Vikes and the spread and the over.

Bottom Line: Minshew magic v. Teddy TD’s, this has all the makings of a good game with a good offense and defense on both sides of the ball.

Betting Line: This is another game where the spread makes no sense to me, yes the teams are good on both sides of the ball but the Saints have a clear edge. Saints spread and the under.

Bottom Line: Divisional game and the good news for the struggling Ravens is that the Bengals stink!

Betting Line: Ravens spread and the under

Bottom Line: Can the 49ers send an early message to the division that this is the year they put it all together. Rams struggling a bit out of the gate and 49ers looking for real.

Betting Line: Big teams show up for big games and the 49ers playing a bad team didn’t help. Rams spread and the over.

Bottom Line: This is the second worse game of the week, Matty Ice v. Fuller! The Cards are primed for an upset in a battle of the birds.

Betting Line: Take the Cards, spread and under.

Bottom Line: If defense wins championships then the lack of offense provides a boring game. Joe Flacco is terrible and it can’t be understated how bad this Bronco offense is.

Betting Line: Titans spread and the under.

Bottom Line: With the uncertainty QB situation for the Steelers coming in and the Chargers saying Melvin Gordon will be used heavily, means bad news for the Steelers!

Betting Line: Chargers spread and the over.

Bottom Line: NFC North matchup and the team with more offense will win, the Packs uncertainty with Devante Adams is something to watch.

Betting Line: Still gotta go Pack spread and the under.

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