NFL Fantasy Rundown: Week 4

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. Week 3 of the new season is in the books and you’ve either had a monster week or you’ve started to panic over your lineup. Guess what? It’s still early and there’s tons of good options out there, let’s get to it!

Must Pick Up


Teddy Bridgewater-NO-Own % 6.2

Jacoby Brissett-IND-Own % 18.6

Daniel Jones-NYG-Own % 12.7

The Spin:

Teddy TD’s look solid in week 3 against the Seahawks, you gotta expect as he gets more reps he will unlock all the weapons this offense has to offer. Andrew Luck who? Jacoby Brissett is having himself a season and coming off a big win against the Falcons, expect big things for Brissett. Daniel Jones, welcome to the NFL, after orchestrating a big win against the Bucs and with Saquon out for at least the next 4-8 weeks, expect a big dose of Daniel Jones.


Running Back

Raheem Mostert-SF-Own % 42.6

Devin Singletary-BUF-Own % 80.6

Jamaal Williams-GB-Own % 14.5

The Spin:

With the uncertainty with the health of Tevin Coleman, it’s a smart idea to stash Mostert going into the bye, if Coleman returns to the lineup it won’t hurt your team. Singletary missed week 3 but will plan to be a big part in week 4 against the Pats, still unowned in about 20% of leagues.


Wide Receiver

DeMarcus Robinson-KC-Own % 62.4

DJ Chark-JAX-% 41.0

Phillip Dorsett-NE-Own % 5.2

The Spin:

DeMarcus Robinson seems to be a favorite target of Pat Mahomes and has emerged as the number one as Tyreek Hill recovers from surgery. DJ Chark is quietly having a strong year for an offense that has struggled. Phillip Dorsett In, Antonio Brown out! Dorsett has a monster week against the Jets and will look to continue with Brady and Co against the Bills.


Tight End

Will Dissly-SEA % 24.3

Jason Witten-DAL-Own % 42.0

TJ Hockenson-WAS-Own % 74.8

The Spin:

Will Dissly has three touchdowns in the last two weeks and seems to be a favorite receiver for Russell Wilson. Jason Witten out of the booth and into the discussion of top TE’s this year. TJ Hockenson after a monster week one has cooled off but don’t read too much into it as he has been used more as a blocker against strong defenses.



Green Bay Packers-Own % 59.4

Los Angeles Chargers-Own % 68.3

Seattle Seahawks-Own % 15.1

The Spin:

The Eagles have struggled this year and the Packers offense looks pretty solid this year so far. The Chargers are playing the Dolphins….I’ll move on. The Seahawks had a tough game against the Saints but will look to rebound after a strong start on defense.



Zane Gonzalez-ARI-Own % 27.3

Josh Lambo-JAX-Own % 2.9

Joel Slye-CAR-Own % 21.8

The Spin:

if you are really confused about picking up a kicker, I beg you to ask a fellow fantasy player for god damn help!

Must Drops


Kirk Cousins-MIN-Own % 37.1

Joe Flacco-DEN-Own % 4.8

Ryan Fitzpatrick-MIA-Own % 1.4

The Spin:

 Kirk Cousins has been bailed out this season by the reemergence of Dalvin Cook, otherwise, replacing Cousins would be a storyline. Joe Flacco is absolute garbage, I cannot overstate this. Fitz is out at starter on a terrible Dolphins team, good for him.

Running Back

Malcolm Brown-LAR-Own % 47.0

Nyheim Hines-IND-Own % 45.0

Kalen Ballage-MIA-Own % 18.1

The Spin:

The running game for the Rams has been horrible this year, some opportunistic goal line TD’s for an otherwise bad run game. Hines is the backup in Indy to Mack and it’s not even close. Kalen Ballage is a backup to an anemic offense for Miami, run away from Dolphins players.


Wide Receiver

Corey Davis-TEN-Own % 54.0

Robby Anderson-NYJ-Own % 73.5

Deebo Samuel-SF-Own % 21.2

The Spin:

Corey Davis has been a ghost on a Titans offense that is t exactly high powered. With the very questionable QB situation for the Jets and Robby Anderson a deep threat, until the situation is sorted, run away! Deebo Samuel. Is. On. A. Bye. anddddd Sucks!


Tight End

Kyle Rudolph-MIN-Own % 34.2

Tyler Higbee-LAR-Own % 0.8

Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 46.0

The Spin:

Kirk Cousins is not exactly passing the ball around soooo. With all the great receivers on the Rams, the TE position is not a high point position. Eric Ebron was a favorite of mine last year but this year too inconsistent to gamble on, for now.



Buffalo Bills-Own % 88.7

Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 50.4

Denver Broncos-Own % 29.2

The Spin:

 The Bills are playing the Patriots, welcome to reality Buffalo. The Eagles are playing Rodgers and Co who are starting to match their offense with their defense. The Broncos defense is not terrible but they are due for a bad week and look for this week as that break.


Matt Bryant-ATL-Own % 45.3

Aldrick Rosas-NYG-Own % 17.9

Daniel Carlson-OAK-Own % 9.4

The Spin:

Guys! It’s kickers, cmon!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!

*Please note that all Own % totals and average stats are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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