Jets Hit Bye Week As Season Is Burning Down In Flames!

The Jets without three players look absolutely lousy and not competent enough to win a football game in the NFL. With Sam Darnold out at QB and Quinnen Williams and C.J. Mosley out for the defense, this team looks like the worst team in the NFL. This past weeks game against the Patriots was a wake-up call that there is much work needed on both sides of the ball and that the Jets need that trio back in the lineup for week 5 if there is to be any salvaging this season. The Jets offense looked like a beat team from the beginning, giving up three touchdowns to the GOAT and co early, like within the first quarter or so bad.

The Jets as an offense only had 105 yards of offense, that is absolutely pitiful!

This team may very likely not make the playoffs but the development of this team and how they respond in the coming weeks will be pivotal to the growth of the future leaders of this team. We need to get our franchise QB, Sam Darnold back and we need to get more pressure at the defensive line, enter Quinnen Williams and C.J. Mosley.

Mercifilly, this team has a bye next week for week 4 and it should give the banged up guys a change to recover but if they come out and play like they did against the Patriots, the season is over and we are fighting with the Dolphins for the first pick in the draft.

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