NFL Week 3 Rundown: Season Is Almost Over For Some Teams!

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us and the first week of action brought some surprises and upsets but the beauty part is, the season is still young and things can be turned around, unless you’re the Dolphins, it’s over!

Our weekly NFL Rundown Podcast will be available Friday, we will give you in depth looks of all games and complete betting advice.

Bottom Line: Division game for this one, Jags have been coming up just short, Titans followed up a big Win in Cleveland with a dud, should be close throughout.

Betting Line: Take the Jags against the spread and the over in this one.

Bottom Line: My Jets Take on Brady and Co. in Gillette, Falk will start for the Jets, this will be a thumping!

Betting Line: Take the Pats money Line, they won’t cover the spread but the under is good for sure.

Bottom Line: The Bills continue their tour of mediocre teams against Dalton and the Bengals, Bills have a shot at 3-0.

Betting Line: Take the Bills, covering the spread and the over.

Bottom Line: The Dolphins stink and the Cowboys have talent, not much more to say.

Betting Line: Take the Boys to cover and the over.

Bottom Line: It looks like the Pack has a legit Defense, the offense picked up a bit in week 2. The Broncos Defense is not terrible but Joe Flacco and the Broncos offense stinks!

Betting Line: Take the Packers to cover the spread and the under.

Bottom Line: Both teams have absolute weapons on offense, both teams defense are very shaky at best, this is going to be a dog fight.

Betting Line: I would go Colts on this one, Jacoby Brissett is gaining confidence. Colts, spread and the way over.

Bottom Line: The Ravens have had the good fortunes of playing two very bad teams in the Dolphins and Cardinals, however they play the Chiefs, who will challenge for the trophy. Both teams will be tested but Pat Mahomes looks way too locked in.

Betting Line: Take the Chiefs, close game, they won’t cover but definitely the over.

Bottom Line: This is going to be a very defensive minded game, both offenses have been struggling but the slight edge will go to the Vikings if Cousins can step up and produce.

Betting Line: Take the Vikings, they won’t cover and take the under.


Bottom Line: This is a game of offense v. Defense, the Lions have a pretty decent Defense and the Eagles have a high powered offense. If Carson Wentz can keep the momentum going and play like he did last week and produce at a high level, the Eagles will win easy.

Betting Line: Take the Eagles, to cover and the over.

Bottom Line: Cam Newton missing a game and Kyler Murray hitting his groove should equal the Cards getting win number 1, the wild card will be Christian McCaffrey, if he can rebound from a subpar performance in week 2, the Panthers should pull it out.

Betting Line: Take the Cards, they are due for their first win for Kliff and Kyler.

Bottom Line: Classic matchup, Steelers will try to navigate without Big Ben and the undefeated 49ers will look to go 3-0. The Steelers are underwhelming on offense, especially without Big Ben and the 49ers can score as Jimmy G looks back.

Betting Line: Take the 49ers to cover and the over.

Bottom Line: The Giants will start rookie QB Daniel Jones, replacing Eli under center. The Buccaneers coming off a win against the Panthers will look for a big game from Jamies Winston.

Betting Line: Take the Giants, they won’t cover but take that over.

Bottom Line: Texans and Chargers, weapons on offense and weapons on defense. Chargers without Melvin Gordon once again, no problem, insert Austin Ekeler who has been amazing in his place. The combo of Hopkins/Watson could be the most lethal in the league.

Betting Line: Take the Chargers and the spread, definitely the over.

Bottom Line: Saints without Drew Brees will look to Teddy Bridgewater to steer this high power offense, the Saints will look for a steady dose of Alvin Kamara. The Seahawks, 2-0 look to stay undefeated as Russell Wilson looks to continue his stellar start.

Betting Line: Take the Seahawks to cover and the over.

Bottom Line: The Browns coming off a win against the Jets, the scoreboard was deceptive as the Browns offense only produced 2 TD’s. The Rams coming off a big win against the Saints, will look to show the Browns how an offense works.

Betting Line: Take the Rams and the spread and the over.

Bottom Line: The Bears defense is scary and the skins offense, while not terrible just can’t stack against Mack and Co, the problem is the Bears offense has been non existent this year and doesn’t look any better.

Betting Line: Take the Bears and the spread but go with the under.

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