NFL Fantasy Rundown: Week 3

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. Week 2 of the new season is in the books and you’ve either had a monster week or you’ve started to panic over your lineup. Guess what? It’s still early and there’s tons of good options out there, let’s get to it!

Must Pick Up


Teddy Bridgewater-NO-Own % 0.2

Josh Allen-BUF-Own % 28.1

Jacoby Brissett-IND-Own % 12.1

The Spin:

After losing Drew Brees for at least the next 7 games, Teddy TD’s looks like the guy in New Orleans. Teddy certainly has the skills as a starter and this will be a preview for the NFL to see what’s left in the tank. Josh Allen has completed his tour of the teams of MetLife stadium and the big reason has been Josh Allen, owned in less than 30% of fantasy leagues, Allen is an early season steal. Many thought, yours truly included that after the Colts became SOL losing their Luck, Andrew Luck, that the Colts would fade out. Though it looks as though Jacoby Brissett is a very capable starting QB and against this week division he should have a chance to be special.

Running Back

Raheem Mostert-SF-Own % 11.0

Devin Singletary-BUF-Own % 81.9

Rex Burkhead-NE-Own % 9.7

The Spin:

Mostest may not stick but Tevin Coleman has a history of injuries so he’s at least a thought to stash in the roster. Despite leaving this past weeks game against the Giants with a hamstring injury, Singletary is getting nothing but better, he’s a must start RB2. It’s always a gamble to start RB’s for NE but Burkhead has been heavily involved two weeks in a row, clearly Brady has some chemistry with him, roll with him until further notice.

Wide Receiver

DeMarcus Robinson-KC-Own % 1.0

DJ Chark-JAX-% 21.5

Bennie Fowler-NYG-Own % 0.1

The Spin:

With Tyreek Hill out, Pat Mahomes looked very comfortable with Robinson, he’s a pickup for sure until further notice. DJ Chark has been the Line bright spot in this Jaguar offense for the last two weeks, getting double digit fantasy points, look for more going forward. With a very depleted Giants receiving Corp, it looks like Eli has built some chemistry with Fowler, look for some good points, especially if Eli can improve from his mediocre completion rate against the Bills in week 2.

Tight End

Vance McDonald-PIT-Own % 83.9

Jason Witten-DAL-Own % 18.1

TJ Hockenson-WAS-Own % 76.7

The Spin:

With a rookie QB who’s had his safety net in McDonald and a sputtering receiving Corp, McDonald moves up to a must start TE1. I told you guys Witten would be a force, catching a TD pass in week 2 and a favorable matchup in week 3 against the Dolphins, Witten is a must start. TJ Hockenson took a step back last week with 1 Fantasy point but the talent cannot he denied, look for a big week out of the rookie.


Green Bay Packers-Own % 6.6

Dallas Cowboys-Own % 33.8

Buffalo Bills-Own % 88.4

The Spin:

The Packers D looks good, averaging double digit points through two games. The Cowboys are playing the Dolphins, THE DOLPHINS! The Bills D looks legit through two weeks, averaging 15 points a game and capable of shutting down receivers, look for them in FA.


Zane Gonzalez-ARI-Own % 0.6

Cairo Santos-TEN-Own % 0.2

Joel Slye-CAR-Own % 1.5

The Spin:

if you are really confused about picking up a kicker, I beg you to ask a fellow fantasy player for god damn help!

Must Drops


Kirk Cousins-MIN-Own % 43.1

Eli Manning-NYG-Own % 3.4

Mitchell Trubisky-CHI-Own % 56.1

The Spin:

Kirk Cousins has been an absolute bust this year, with a grand total of 000 yards through two games. Eli Manning is absolutely an Hall of Fame QB but his best days are behind him and with a decimated receiving corps, time to think bigger. Mitch Trubisky, has anyone seen him? After such a steady second year, Mitch has been anything but steady, through two games he has 000 yards.

Running Back

Malcolm Brown-LAR-Own % 47.1

Nyheim Hines-IND-Own % 52.8

Dion Lewis-TEN-Own % 35.8

The Spin:

Todd Gurley is back, time to drop Brown. Hines is not the guy in Indy, looks like Mack is the man and Hines is a injury backup at best. Dion Lewis is not going to be relevant until he rips off his yearly big run, until then step off.

Wide Receiver

Corey Davis-TEN-Own % 63.4

Donte Moncrief-PIT-Own % 53.8

Kenny Stills-HOU-Own % 26.2

The Spin:

Titans and their offense showed us that week 1 was a fluke, the offense is abysmal at best. Donte Moncrief has zero catches in week 2 and Big Ben is out for the season, time to jump ship! Kenny Stills was a lucky one, getting traded from Miami to Houston, problem is, he hasn’t really got himself into the offense yet.

Tight End

Vernon Davis-WAS-Own % 5.9

Tyler Higbee-LAR-Own % 1.2

Mike Gesiki-MIA-Own % 2.4

The Spin:

Vernon Davis was the feel good story week 1, getting a TD for his deceased grandfather but that’s where the story ends, Davis is on a week Redskins offense and consider him a matchup/bye week player. It looks like the Rams WR Corp is back as well as Todd Gurley, no room for TE’s! The Dolphins stink, drop any player on their team now until they are traded or put out of their misery through injury.


Seattle Seahawks-Own % 14.3

Detroit Lions-Own % 2.4

Pittsburgh Steelers-Own % 20.2

The Spin:

The Seahawks, despite being 2-0 have given up a ton of points and with a matchup against the Saints, expect the same. The Lions D has been disappointing and with a matchup against the Eagles, things are not looking good. The Steelers D has not been a bright spot and with Big Ben out for the season and the Steelers on the brink of collapse and with the high flying 49ers up next, don’t expect a change.


Mason Crosby-GB-Own % 38.3

Aldrick Rosas-NYG-Own % 17.9

Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 54.1

The Spin:  

Guys! It’s kickers, cmon!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!

*Please note that all Own % totals and average stats are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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