NFL Fantasy Rundown: Week 2

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. Week 1 of the new season is in the books and you’ve either had a monster week or you’ve started to panic over your lineup. Guess what? It’s still early and there’s tons of good options out there, let’s get to it!

Must Pick Up


Lamar Jackson-BAL-Own % 46.6

Matthew Stafford-DET-Own % 37.2

Marcus Mariota-TEN-Own % 32.4

The Spin: After absolutely obliterating the Dolphins D, Jackson is the hot pick this week especially against a week Cardinals D in week 2. The fallen have started to rise and especially when it comes to Matthew Stafford. A solid week 1 and a pretty decent matchup in week 2 against the Chargers. Marcus Mariota was coming into a do or die season, after a monster week 1, Mariota looks to continue against a forgiving Colts D.

Running Back

Malcolm Brown-LAR-Own % 6.5

Devin Singletary-BUF-Own % 27.2

Chris Thompson-WAS-Own % 18.9

The Spin: It may be a glitch in the system but Brown, not Todd Gurley was the goal line option in week 1, he will look to continue against the Saints. Devin Singletary looked almost unstoppable in the second half against the Jets. Look for a strong follow up against a week Giants D. With the injury to starter Guice in Washington, Chris Thompson looks like the strong fantasy option, especially in week 2 against the Cowboys in a early divisional game.

Wide Receiver

John Ross III-CIN-Own % 4.8

Jamison Crowder-NYJ-% 70.4

John Brown-BUF-Own % 35.3

The Spin: John Ross III is all the rave with Andy Dalton, especially with AJ Green our early. Look for another good game against the 49ers. Jamison Crowder looks like the guy in NY that Sam Darnold has chosen to be his target, a must pick up against a Browns team in week 2 that surrendered 40 plus points to the Titans in Week 1. John Brown shifted from the Ravens to the Bills and looks like he may be in for a special season. Look for a good matchup week 2 against the Giants.

Tight End

TJ Hockenson-DET-Own % 30.0

Jason Witten-DAL-Own % 15.0

Vernon Davis-WAS-Own % 0.6

The Spin: TJ Hockenson looks like he could be that Megatron-esque receiver in Detroit, put up monster numbers and looks to continue against the Chargers. Jason Witten, freshly out of the booth and back on the field looks to continue his fantasy ways with Dak and the boys, I like the matchup this week against the Skins. Staying with that game, Vernon Davis is looking like an option in Washington for Case Keenum, Davis had a TD in week 1 and he could get more with a new QB under center.


New York Jets-Own % 24.2

New England Patriots-Own % 74.4

Green Bay Packers-Own % 3.2

The Spin: The Jets despite losing out up good fantasy numbers on defense, look for another strong game against the Browns. The Patriots are playing the Dolphins this week, I’m done speaking! The Packers D looked good in the opening game against the Bears and in week 2 expect a good matchup against Minnesota, QB Cousins was held to sub 100 yards last year.


Zane Gonzalez-ARI-Own % 0.6

Cairo Santos-TEN-Own % 0.2

Joel Slye-CAR-Own % 1.5

The Spin: if you are really confused about picking up a kicker, I beg you to ask a fellow fantasy player for god damn help!

Must Drops


Ryan Fitzpatrick-MIA-Own % 2.5

Jimmy Garoppolo-SF-Own % 29.4

Kirk Cousins-MIN-Own % 47.4

The Spin:Fitzy does not have the magic, Dolphins v. Pats equals bad day for Fitzy! Jimmy G isn’t back, I would give him some time to get back for looking at him as a fantasy option. Kirk Cousins went 8 for 10 and 98 yards, I’m done!

Running Back

Giovani Bernard-CIN-Own % 32.3

Frank Gore-BUF-Own % 21.8

Dion Lewis-TEN-Own % 45.3

The Spin:  Joe Mixon In, Bernard out! At best Giovanni will get garbage time and no meaningful snaps, move on! I’ve always liked Frank Gore but with Devin Singletary, don’t look for much from Gore. Dion Lewis will rip off a crazy run this year and tempt you to pick him up, don’t be fooled and move on!

Wide Receiver

DeVante Parker-MIA-Own % 10.6

Donte Moncrief-PIT-Own % 68.8

Adam Humphries-TEN-Own % 38.1

The Spin:  The Dolphins will go winless, Parker is on the Dolphins…..done. Moncrief had so much upside with Big Ben at QB but then the world realized, Moncrief is not good, move on! I really like Adam Humphries abilities but on TEN, he will be inconsistent at best, not a good move at the moment.

Tight End

Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 63.5

Tyler Eifert-CIN-Own % 12.0

Mike Gesiki-MIA-Own % 2.4

The Spin:  Jack Doyle is the man in Indy right now but and the QB situation is unsettled, stay away. What happen to Tyler Eifert, no seriously, what happen! Mike Gesiki plays for the Dolphins, the Dolphins are trash!


Seattle Seahawks-Own % 19.9

Detroit Lions-Own % 3.5

Pittsburgh Steelers-Own % 25.1

The Spin: Seahawks will be playing Pittsburgh and New Orleans back to back, this may be a new legion of boom but don’t test that theory just yet! The Lions May be the biggest unknown defense, in theory they have the tools to be a great defense but until proven, stay away. The Steelers in turn are playing Russell Wilson and you gotta think points will fly.


Kaare Vedvik-NYJ-Own % 1.3

Aldrick Rosas-NYG-Own % 17.9

Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 54.1

The Spin: Kaare Vedvik at the time of this blog has been released by the Jets but merely mentioning how horrible a kicker he is, is not enough. Guys! It’s kickers, cmon!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!

*Please note that all Own % totals and average stats are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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