NFL Week 1 Rundown: Off And Running!

We are finally here, Week 1 of the NFL Season, let’s do this, winners and losers, Let’s go!

Bottom Line:I would take the Bears to cover on this one, it for sure will either be a blowout or a defensive game but I see Trubisky and Mack to lock down the first win.

Projected Final: Bears 24-20

Bottom Line: I would take the Jets to cover this one, the Bill are still looking for an identity and with Le’Veon Bell looking to run wild, the Jets are prime for a big win.

Projected Score: Jets 27-13

Bottom Line: Big game for the Browns, ton of expectations and new weapons for Baker to play with, look for a rout in this one.

Projected Score: 35-10

Bottom Line: I like Baltimore in this one and I think they will barely cover against Fitzmagic and the tanking fins.

Projected Score: 21-13

Bottom Line: I don’t see the Vikes covering this, it will be close throughout and very defensive, take the under in this one.

Projected Score:Vikings 24-23

Bottom Line: I don’t see Wentz and company blowing out the Skins in a division game, safe game to say, Eagles won’t cover and Keenum will do enough to keep it close.

Projected Score: Eagles 24-17

Bottom Line: Rams will cover, high scoring game in store and Goff will look to show that the new contract was warranted.

Projected Score: 35-28

Bottom Line: Jags have a good D(no pun intended) and BDN but the Chiefs have too much fire power, Chiefs will cover for sure.

Projected Score: Chiefs 35-21

Bottom Line: No Melvin Gordon for the foreseeable future, the firepower is there but you gotta go no cover on this one as the Colts D isn’t terrible.

Projected Score: Chargers: 21-17

Bottom Line: Bengals are completely decimated on both sides and lacking major talent, take Seattle and the way over on this one.

Projected Score: Seahawks 24-10

Bottom Line: The game will be closer than you think but the G-men will keep it close, especially with the uncertainty of Zeke for week 1.

Projected Score: Cowboys 24-20

Bottom Line: Both teams are bad and this may be one of the only weeks the Lions are favored but I see the Lions covering this against a raw and young Cards team.

Projected Score: Lions 23-14

Bottom Line: A virtual pick em, the game will be high scoring but in the end, only one can win!

Projected Score: 49ers 28-24

Bottom Line: Yeah, Yeah Patriots always struggle early but they own the Steelers and waving that championship banner at Gillette equals a win for the Pats.

Projected Score: 35-31

Bottom Line: The Saints will win this one by plenty, just not enough to cover, Texans still have a top 10 defense in this league despite the departure of Clowney.

Projected Score: Saints 27-21

Bottom Line: The new look Raiders featuring AB84 will dominate a weak offense for Denver that features new QB Joe Flacco. Oakland with the big cover.

Projected Score: Oakland 24-16

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