XFL Announces Team Names And Logos, Not All In Yet

The day has come where the XFL have finally announced the names of the eight franchises in the league.


Immediate reactions:

Instant rivals just based on logo will be Seattle Dragons and St. Louis Battlehawks. It’s obvious to see that the Battlehawks will be at a disadvantage since Seattle are the Dragons.


The Best logo is actually a tie between the Dallas Renegades and NY Guardians, the Guardians who btw look like a version of The Thundercats.


Worst Logo is LA Wildcats, it’s literally two fucking letters, it SUCKS!


Team that will never win a title, DC Defenders, doesn’t exactly make you think the team is built to score a ton of points.


Look I’m not going all in on the league as I’m still recovering from losing my new favorite team, Memphis Express and the AAF but from the onset, there are major cities and major team names out of the gun.

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