LFGM, Steamrolling Through The Graveyard Of MLB’s Worst

Before the Mets faithful start to bitch and moan about what will come next, just know that propelling to a point to where you could make a playoff run is impressive, yes I’m throwing shade at you Boston!


Yes, the Mets have the best chance at the moment to win a wild card spot but let’s look at the teams they played to get here….

And now look at the standings and notice that the Pirates whom the Mets played twice in this stretch and Miami are in the cellar in their division and MLB!

Reality will set in when the Mets play a team with a winning record starting Friday when they play the Nationals and then Braves. If the Mets win each series or dominate against the Nats and Braves like they did against the Pirates and Marlins, I will believe this is legitimate. But, I’m telling all you delusional Met fans that I’ve seen this movie before and it usually ends with heartache!

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