Sunday Night Baseball Commentary Is Horrible

Two weeks in a row now the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN has been Red Sox v. Yankees. Great matchup, great rivalry, just one problem, ESPN’s commentary group is god awful. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Alex Rodriguez is the worst of the bunch and adds just the most generic cookie cutter stats possible. There was a point in last nights game that A-Rod mentioned all the great Yankees outfielders in the last couple years and mentioned….. Jacoby Ellsbury, JACOBY FUCKING ELLSBURY. Last week in Boston, A-Rod discussed the lack of World Series titles for the Yanks in the last 20 years, winning only once. Last time I checked, 20 years ago was 1999 and the Yankees won the World Series In 1999, 2000 and 2009, unless my math is really off, that’s 3!

Let’s move on to Jessica Mendoza, former softball player and avid baseball watcher that somehow qualifies her to be A) An MLB Analyst/Commentator for ESPN, B) Special assistant to Brodie Van Wagenen, GM of the Mets. All that aside, she adds little to nothing in the commentary and zero insight to anything as she comes off as nothing but a run of the mill fan talking on air. BTW, the above tweet was after the start of the game Sunday, really focused!!

Finally, we finish with Matt Vasgersian. Talk about a guy milking his paycheck, the only time you hear Matt speak is when the team he’s rooting for makes a play and then, and only then does he drop some in depth analysis. At least with Mendoza and A-Rod they add at least something to the broadcast, you only hear Matt’s voice to let you know that there’s a base hit or a strikeout and usually several seconds after it’s happen just make you think he may be nodding off during the games.

I at one point last week had to mute the TV because I couldn’t stand the pathetic commentary I was listening to.

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