Yanks Get Nobody Before The Trade Deadline, SERIOUSLY!!

The Yankees have looked at their roster, potential injury returns and apparently feel confident enough with what they have that they decided not to make any meaningful trades. Despite the starting pitching for the Yankees being absolutely atrocious and the bullpen showing obvious signs of wear and tear, no trades were made.

The Yankees were apparently in talks with the D-Backs regarding Robbie Ray but reports say they wanted Clint Frazier and multiple pitching prospects in return, so the D-Backs turned into D-Bags.


Sure the Yanks could get Severino and Betances back and maybe even a long shot to get Montgomery but you can’t expect to throw these guys into the last months of the season and expect miracles.

Something to also consider through all the non trades is the state of Clint Frazier, repeatedly Tauchman has gotten the nod over Frazier to the big club. Presumably the Yankees has kept Frazier in the minors to retain his value as he was solid in the big league this year but now it’s beyond baffling. I still think Frazier will be traded before the beginning of next year but this whole situation has been bizarre.


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