NFL Season Preview, Way Too Early Edition!

So the new NFL season is upon us and after all the offseason moves, who has gotten better and which teams have gotten worse. Let’s preview each division and Rundown the contenders and pretenders.




  1. New England Patriots- 12-4
  2. New York Jets- 9-7
  3. Buffalo Bills- 4-12
  4. Miami Dolphins-2-14

Rundown: The Patriots are favorites until proven otherwise, Brady is back minus Gronk but the genius of Belichick will be on full display this year. The Jets have improved and the 9-7 projection can fluctuate depending on how well Sam Darnold plays this year and how fast Le’Veon Bell can get acclimated into the offense. The Bill are a team on paper have a championship caliber defense but the offense has question marks, who is the weapon outside of a year older Shady McCoy. The Dolphins are going to be a train wreck this year and my pick for the team with the worst record in the league!


  1. Cleveland Browns-10-6
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers- 9-7
  3. Baltimore Ravens- 7-9
  4. Cincinnati Bengals- 3-13

Rundown: The Browns made some splashes this off-season, of course no bigger than the trade for OBJ. If Baker Mayfield continues to improve on how he performed last year, there’s no question this duo can be electric. However this team will only go as far as its new QB/WR duo. Steelers lost two big cigs in their offense in Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, question is can James Connor and JuJu carry the offense with Big Ben, this team will go as far as it’s new offense. The Ravens were absolutely decimated in the off season and not much came in to replace it. Lamar Jackson is talented but is he enough to make this team competitive. The Bengals are an absolute dumpster fire, new coach and same old exhausted talent, they are a non factor in both their division and league, look for AJ Green to be on the move.


  1. Indianapolis Colts- 11-5
  2. Houston Texans- 10-6
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars- 4-12
  4. Tennessee Titans- 3-13

Rundown: Well Andrew Luck is back and with the re emergence of Ty Hilton and Eric Enron, Luck has some weapons. The questions for the Colts are on defense, that will make the difference between division win and loss. The Texans are talented on defense for sure and their offense is somewhat of a question mark, outside of Hopkins, who is their next threat? Look the emergence of BDN in Jacksonville will definitely bring some excitement but the questionable behavior of Fournette and the WR question marks brings this talented team on the brink of all in or rebuild. The Titans are a team without a QB, this is Marcus Mariota’s last hurrah, if he plays well, he could be a piece for the future, if not, expect the music city men to look for a new QB!


  1. Kansas City Chiefs- 12-4
  2. Oakland Raiders- 10-6
  3. LA Chargers-9-7
  4. Denver Broncos-3-13

Rundown: Tyreek Hill was the gigantic question mark, ultimately it looks like he will not be suspended for domestic abuse and Pat Mahomes biggest target will be back. As of right now the Chiefs have got to be the odds on favorites in the AFC to win it all. Silver and Black could be back, after spending some money on FA’s and pulling the trade trigger for Antonio Brown, you gotta put the Raiders as a dark horse to win the AFC WEST. Melvin Gordon✔️ Keenan Allen✔️ Phillip Rivers✔️ well all the pieces on offense are there, question is can the defense put together the pieces from last years meltdown in Foxborough? The Denver Broncos traded for new QB Joe Flacco, that’s not going to get it done in this division.



  1. Philadelphia Eagles- 13-3
  2. Dallas Cowboys- 10-6
  3. Washington Redskins- 5-11
  4. New York Giants- 3-13

Rundown: Where to begin here, the two teams expected to compete for the division are the Eagles and Cowboys. Big drama early in Cowboys camp with Zeke not reporting to camp on time because he wants more money. The Eagles come back with a very talented team and without BDN, which means this is all Carson Wentz show, will he flourish without BDN breathing down his back. The Redskins come into camp with Dwayne Haskins as their projected starting QB and not much more added to the team. The Giants will absolutely finish last in the division and give Miami a run for their money for the worst record in the league, OBJ out and Tate in, hope out and losing in!


  1. Minnesota Vikings- 12-4
  2. Chicago Bears- 11-5
  3. Green Bay Packers- 6-10
  4. Detroit Lions- 3-13

Rundown: Obviously this is one of the most competitive divisions in football, Bears won the division and were a field goal away from a special run in the playoffs but the Bikings come back with overpaid Kirk Cousins a year more comfortable in the system with weapons Thielen and Diggs, these will be the teams to compete for the division. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are a year older but not wiser, the offense looks almost identical to last years team which didn’t bode well for the Pack. The Lions are about two years away from being in contention, look for a better year from Marty Stafford but not by much!


  1. New Orleans Saints- 13-3
  2. Carolina Panthers- 10-6
  3. Atlanta Falcons- 5-11
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-3-13

Rundown: The Saints were perhaps a blown call away from the Super Bowl and arguably might’ve given the Patriots more competition in the Super Bowl but all for naught, this team returns hungry and wanting to get to the next level, expect another great season from Brees. The Panthers will also bounce back this year, this team goes as far as Superman goes and I expect him to bounce back and with McCaffrey in the backfield, it’s going to be special. The Falcons have been devastated on defense since the departure of DC Shanahan to the 49ers and expect the same play this year, Marty ice can’t save this team. The Bucs ate going to be just plain awful this year, with no clear running back and only Mike Evans as a proven receiver the rumblings of Jamies Winston departure will echo loud.


  1. LA Rams- 13-3
  2. Seattle Seahawks- 9-7
  3. San Francisco 49ers- 8-8
  4. Arizona Cardinals- 3-13

Rundown:The Rams just have way too much talent on both sides of the ball to not win the division. They have to be considered favorites with the Saints to make it to the Super Bowl from the NFC. The Seahawks have just the right amount of talent to be a winning team and challenge for a wild card spot. The 49ers get their man Garapolo back and he will be a welcomed edition as he can make the difference between a win or loss and they weren’t too far off last year, look for them to challenge for a wild card spot. The Cardinals will be awful and I’m certain that it will be a three way race for the worst record in football between the Cards, Giants and dolphins. The Cards replaces a rookie QB with another rookie QB, not great news.

AFC WINNER: Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs are a year older and wiser, Pat Mahomes looks like he is the real deal and with a slightly improved defense, they could be scary good, even better than last year.


The argument was that the Rams were gifted a bad call and a Super Bowl appearance, albeit a very mediocre appearance. However if you look at the amount of talented injuries and the underwhelming play of Todd Gurley, you have to expect better things.

Super Bowl Winner: LA Rams

The Rams are too complete as a team to not win the Super Bowl, of course there will be lulls but I expect them to learn from past mistakes and tamp things up in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

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